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Press Release: Introducing leveleleven, an Ethical Communications Practice

Strategic communications firm helps businesses become open and accountable to investors, stakeholders, and humanity with crisis mitigation and corporate citizenship counsel

LOS ANGELES AND PORTLAND, OR — APRIL 2, 2019 — AnyContext, a strategic growth and communications firm for technology disruptors, has introduced an industry-first ethical communications practice, leveleleven, to help businesses prepare for the ethics and public relations crises that technological advancement inevitably heralds. With a mission to create corporate citizens that shareholders and end users trust, leveleleven provides services such as human impact assessment and crisis mitigation, pre-emptive communications strategies, corporate citizenship and social good campaigns, and executive and team training.

Ethical technology and business practices have become more than a passing trend in the media with giants such as Facebook, Twitter, Google, and Amazon earning alarming headlines for how they manage personal data, sexual assault, or technology like facial recognition. At the same time, companies like Lyft have risen above the competition by embracing a humanistic, values-based ethos to their marketing and business practices. Investors and consumers alike are paying attention more than ever to the way that companies approach product development and the ultimate impact that so-called innovation has on humanity.

“Businesses need to get ahead of ethics issues and potential crises that may very well cripple their future success,” said Vanessa Camones, Founder and CEO, AnyContext. “At the same time, organizations who are practicing more benevolent corporate citizenship have the opportunity to showcase those values to the world and improve their bottom line. Whether it’s AI and machine learning, robotics and automation, deep fakes and bots, or handling private user data, the time is now to get ready for a new way of doing things.”

AnyContext’s senior team has helped companies navigate crisis communications scenarios for more than a decade. The need for support has become so common, and so dystopian in nature, that a formal program for helping companies long before a crisis occurs spurred the formation leveleleven practice. Collectively, AnyContext has represented companies such as Cloudability, Creator, Esri, Intel, Mapbox, Nokia, Samsung, SendGrid, TechStars Cloud, and several Fortune 500 companies. They are also supported by an impressive executive collective that includes representation from top talent of Fortune 1000.

To learn more about AnyContext or leveleleven, please contact us at

About AnyContext

AnyContext is a strategic growth and communications firm for disruptive technology organizations in the digital economy. Its senior team of industry veterans has extensive enterprise, consumer, and technology ecosystem expertise that translates into measurably impactful messaging, content, and media and influencer campaigns. More than just a public relations firm, AnyContext also provides full-stack marketing, strategic partnership and go-to-market programs, business development, and investor relations support. It is the industry’s first to offer an ethical communications practice, leveleleven, to prepare businesses to become open and accountable to investors, stakeholders, and end users in their corporate citizenship efforts. AnyContext has presence in Los Angeles, San Francisco, and Portland, OR. To learn more visit

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