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Great technology requires good companies.

leveleleven helps organizations prepare for the ethics crises and PR landmines that technological advancement inevitably herald.  

The velocity of this change has outpaced companies’ ability to manage their own futures. From mitigating bias in AI and machine learning, to navigating the future of work in a world of automation and robotics, understanding human impact and behavior in digital environments, or simply handling the personal and private data of end users, ethical technology and corporate governance matters to your bottom line and to humanity. We help you tell that story.  


We are a strategic partner to businesses who want to become more open and accountable to investors, stakeholders, partners, and end users in their communications and corporate citizenship - before the crisis hits.

Our methodology focuses on principles of business ethics and asks the tough questions about how to consistently operate as a good corporate citizen.


There is no gray area in ethics. Evolve.

Introducing leveleleven Elevate.


Our Elevate methodology centers around the principles of business ethics-- asking the tough questions about how to consistently operate as good corporate citizen.

Assess risk and know your true human impact.

 We’ll help you build a strategic communications plan and playbook to assess and mitigate risk before it happens.

Prepare your organization for an evolving world.

Create a more conscientious organization with training, content, and counsel for your executive, product, and marketing teams.

Showcase authentic corporate citizenship.

Good corporate citizenship is good for business. Share your ethos and values with the world, and reinforce shareholder trust in the midst of crisis.

Elevate Methodology

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