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AI/XR/Metaverse Reality Check

Getting Real Results from Misunderstood Tech

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No-hype, ROI-heavy presentations & marketing workshops


Tech marketers constantly struggle with a sea of inflated expectations pushed by the latest hype wave – and an ever-present fear that they’ll be caught out whenever that excitement recedes. In the process, they can both squander and miss out on opportunities, or fail to meet their client’s unrealistic ROI goals. 


The AI/XR/Metaverse Reality Check is a set of online seminars and onsite sessions on three next gen technologies with great potential for brands and startups – but also many perils and misunderstandings. 


Co-hosted by Vanessa Camones, a 20 year veteran in go-to market strategy across multiple developer AI, XR, and gaming platforms, and Wagner James Au, a 20 year veteran of metaverse content strategy aand product marketing, and author of the new book, Making a Metaverse That Matters (Wiley), the AI/XR/Metaverse Reality Check is designed to be your starting point for successful marketing strategies in next gen tech. 


Topics & offerings:


  • Overview: Definition, addressable market & more

  • Use Cases: What works best & (probably) does not

  • Myths & Perils: Common misconceptions & controversies to avoid

  • Case studies: In-depth post-mortems of marketing/product launches for XR, Metaverse, and AI-related brands 

  • Best Practices: Deploying campaigns, project launches, and developer relation programs for maximum ROI & positive community and PR feedback.


Available as:


  • Standard webinar

  • Onsite presentation, brainstorm, and strategy session (1-2 days)


Post-session collateral includes market infographics, positioning & messaging one sheet, and strategic documents. 

Designed for CMOs, marketing and product heads, brand officers, and innovation teams with companies and agencies of all sizes.


About Vanessa Camones


Founder and CEO of AnyContext, a boutique marketing consultancy based out of the Bay Area, Vanessa Camones is a technology industry veteran with over 20 years of experience providing strategic positioning for companies at the bleeding edge of technology.


Having led various successful marketing initiatives concerning virtual goods, developer analytics, platform integrations, localization in gaming and beyond, Vanessa possesses a wealth of knowledge and experience in gaming, developer relations and online platforms – most recently, driving the launch of TRIPP VR (named among Time Magazine’s best products of 2022), and the roll-out of, an award-winning AI automotive startup backed by Honda Motor Co. and Goodyear Ventures.


Her first communications firm, theMIX agency (founded in 2007), helped launch countless successful startups based in the Bay Area, across the US, and internationally from Beijing and Tokyo to Oslo and Berlin. She counts projects with Samsung, Pixar and Cisco among her many successful clients.

About Wagner James Au

James, SVP of Content and Editorial Strategy for AnyContext, has written about the Metaverse, virtual worlds, and game culture for roughly 20 years. As the author of The Making of Second Life (HarperCollins), Game Design Secrets (Wiley), and Making a Metaverse That Matters: From Snow Crash & Second Life to A Virtual World Worth Fighting For (Wiley), James is widely regarded as a subject matter expert on the Metaverse and virtual worlds.


Founder and editor-in-chief of New World Notes, the longest-running metaverse news and culture blog, Au’s writing has been featured in the Atlantic, the New York Times, and the Wall Street Journal, among many other publications, and has spoken on the topic at Stanford, Princeton, the Virtual Worlds Conference and South by Southwest. 


In addition to his journalism and analysis, he has drove marketing and editorial for several metaverse-related projects and startups, including Second Life developer Linden Lab, MMO platform ohai (acquired by Electronic Arts), metaverse marketing campaigns for Toyota & OnLive (acquired by Sony), the “KIller App” contest for Samsung Gear VR. and virtual world forums with Matthew Ball, Philip Rosedale, and VR pioneer Jaron Lanier.

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